the show

Breathing life into ancient texts and told this time from the point of view of the women, “In The Voice of Our Mothers” reveals the intimate and powerful narratives of our Biblical matriarchs. As they invite us into their worlds, we see we are in familiar territory. Here are generations of women, learning, risking, and loving in all its complicated forms. We witness their journey through deserts of discovery, moving with audacity towards that female dance of freedom on the other side of the sea, which is no longer there. And we cannot help but follow, right into our own lives.

the author

Veteran actress, director and teacher, Carol Fox Prescott is one of four master teachers featured in An Actor’s Guide to Qualified Acting Coaches/New York and is referred to as “One of the most influential instructors in this country” in Acting Teachers of America: A Vital Tradition. She coaches nationally and internationally and at her own studio in Woodstock, NY.  She is the author of “Some of These Days: A Jewish Woman’s Journey through Chutzpah, Passion and Pastry with Sophie Tucker” and “Breathing, Awareness and Joy, an approach to acting for the twenty-first century.”

the audience buzz

“We loved having you at R & R: Shabbat at the JCC. The audience was engaged and robust, and it was a great partnership for us. Thanks for bringing Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, and Miriam to life within our
Sarah-Kay Lacks, Senior Director of Institutional Programs
The JCC in Manhattan

“A moving and beautiful gift of a performance has been born. Carol has written pieces that are true to the Biblical text, but that tell the story from the women’s point of view, and this in and of itself makes the event worthwhile. But “In The Voice of Our Mothers” is more than worthwhile; it is good theater, taking us on a journey with these archetypal women brought to full-bodied life. I loved it.” — Rabbi Jonathan Kligler, Woodstock Jewish Congregation, NY

“This is a moving and poetic midrash on the lives of the matriarchs. I was lucky enough to see it performed about a year ago, and moments of the performance come vividly to mind as I write these words. It is a beautiful experience, true to both the biblical text and the lives of women today and long ago. I am proud to bring this to the BHS community.” —Randi Jaffe, Executive director, Brooklyn Heights Synagogue

“In The Voice of Our Mothers, stands on its own for the excellence of its writing, directing, and acting — which are all done by professionals — and yet the discussion that follows among audience members and cast excites everyone fully as much. It has the effect of turning the fellowship hall into a sacred space, which in turn sanctifies the physicality and sensuality of the women’s way of relating to the divine.” — The Rev’d Susan Auchincloss St Gregory’s Episcopal Church,Woodstock, NY

“These actors transcended time and spoke of feelings, emotions, joy, disappointments, frustration and faith and demonstrated Torah’s inextricable links to us today.  I encourage you to reach out to Carol — and bring her troupe to your synagogue or place or worship. I have received several emails and calls from congregants in the past 36 hours thanking me for providing them with a deeply spiritual Shavuot celebration. I encourage you to bring them to your community and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. B’yididut, Gary” — Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, Congregation da’at elohim, NYC

“In The Voice of our Mothers, is a thrilling creation that presents the Matriarchs of the Torah in an utterly believable and captivating way. While seeing the stories come alive in front of my eyes I attained new insights into their meanings, that don’t come from the written page.” — Maggid Yitzhak Buxbaum, teacher, storyteller, author of “Jewish Spiritual Practices.”

“This is an event for people of any faith, or none; for men as well as for women; for mature teens as well as elders. I have seen men crying at these performances, because their own buried longing for spirit, for reconciliation, for peace and understanding, for wholeness made itself known. The dialog after the performance yielded the connection, and some of the answers, they were seeking. For those of us present, there is the possibility that in being together, we can be carried to a place we would not come to alone.”— Rev. Perri Ardman, interfaith minister

“It was very powerful and moving and thought provoking. I found myself flashing on moments in my life when something changed or shifted and how that happened.You have written an extraordinary piece and it could not have been acted more brilliantly.”— Marlene Hays, audience member

“Those ancient stories are so deeply relevant today, and I love the way they touch me especially on stage with your wonderful cast.”— Jeff Coyne, audience member

“I loved the mix of ancient tales that became close because they were told in a very contemporary way that is at the same time ageless!!”— Shoshanna

“The matriarchs’ stories brought me closer to my humanness, my yearning for love and connection, my ongoing grappling with faith, belief, and spirit, with roles, with life in this world, with my becoming more fully myself….”— Audience member

“I loved getting into the hearts and souls of these iconic women.”

“Everything is there, awe and respect, the human and the holy, and the powerful element of the feminine.”

“I love works that take me inward and help me process the road I am on.”

“A journey of transformation.”

“Changed my view of religion, the Bible, women, and myself.”

“Anyone who has ever felt marginalized or silenced will recognize themselves in these stories.”

— Other Audience members