“In a startling and provocative theatre piece, Carol Fox Prescott has given voice to five of the best known women of the  bible, Sarah, Rebecca, Leah, Rachel and Miriam. Five actresses  rise from an audience arranged in a circle and offer first  person accounts of their roles in familiar Torah stories, which  are also the stories of their lives.  These are riveting. Prescott has managed to be true to the ancient texts –with all those tents and concubines and dusty herds of goats—and yet absolutely convince us that we know these people as intimately   as we know ourselves, the emotional lives described are variants of our own, the descriptions of how and why choices are  made are completely understandable, and recognizable, and the  actions taken–whether bold or surreptitious—those too we  almost remember, and the consequences are the consequences we live with.”

Naomi Rothberg,
Jewish Currents